Michael Sproul

I’m a research-focussed computer programmer with a particular interest in blockchain technology, formal verification and programming languages.

Presently I am working on Ethereum 2.0 as a core developer of the Lighthouse client. I’ve worked on Lighthouse’s consensus code, database design, slashing protection and slashing aggression (i.e. the slasher). I’m also interested in smart contract security, and egalitarian applications for Ethereum.

Previously at Data61, I worked on the proof ecosystem surrounding seL4, the world’s first verified OS microkernel. This entailed adapting the existing proofs to accomodate modifications to the kernel’s source, and expanding the scope of verification so that we could provide greater guarantees about seL4-based systems. I owe much of my aptitude and interest in this stuff to my Honours Thesis supervisor, Ben Lippmeier.

You can keep up with my work on GitHub.

I also compose and perform music infrequently, some of which you can find on my SoundCloud.